Cover of Kolbe's homeschool Math 1 course plan. Plan and pace Math 1 to meet your child’s talents and needs.

Course Plan & Tests - Progress in Math 1

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Introduce your 1st-grade homeschooled child to formal math education with Kolbe Academy’s engaging and classically oriented Math 1 (Sadlier) course. Created to build a solid foundation of early math fundamentals (such as number sense, simple operations, logical thinking), this course will propel your child into a traditional math education focused on developing independent critical thinking skills, math literacy, understanding of foundational math concepts, and instilling self-confidence in your child as they learn and grow. When this course has been completed, your 1st-grade student will be ready to take on Math 2. The Math 1 course covers:

 Number sense and place values

  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • Basic money knowledge
  • Telling and understanding time
  • Simple fractions and probability
  • Measurement
  • Basic data and graphing skills
  • Simple geometry and spatial awareness tasks

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