Cover of The Sacramentals of the Church by Father Lovasik for Kolbe Academy Kindergarten curriculum, Catholic classical education, image of various sacramentals including Bible, Crucifix, incense, candles, saint statue, and saint medal.
Sacramentals of the Church
Sacramentals of the Church
Sacramentals of the Church
Sacramentals of the Church
Sacramentals of the Church
Sacramentals of the Church

Sacramentals of the Church

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Through this beautifully illustrated picture book, children are introduced to sacramentals of the Church. Some they may be familiar with, like the Sign of the Cross or holy water, and others like scapulars or holy oils. This easy-to-read book features introductions to:

  • What sacramentals are and how they help us.
  • Different types of sacramentals, including blessings, blessed objects, words, actions, sacred times, and sacred places.

This picture book helps children understand the meaning and importance of various aspects of the life of the Church and helps them experience more deeply the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic faith.

Sacramentals of the Church is a featured book in the Kolbe Academy Kindergarten program, as the program is centered around the liturgical calendar. This book helps students identify and understand various aspects of different liturgical seasons

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    Complete Kolbe Kindergarten Curriculum:
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Kolbe Academy's New Kindergarten Program - Coming in August 2024

Kolbe Academy’s Kindergarten program introduces young children to the wonders of the world around them! This comprehensive curriculum offers children and parents a gentle entry into the world of Catholic classical education. Each week’s lesson has a particular theme related to the life of Christ and/or the liturgical season, and each theme serves as a jumping-off point for lessons in art, history, science, and catechism. The Math & Logic and English & Phonics lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and age-appropriate in order to build a solid foundation for future learning.

With an easy-to-follow course plan to guide parents through each week’s lessons, you can help your kindergarten student discover truth, goodness, and beauty through:

  • Catechism and Bible verses
  • Art appreciation, technique, and theory
  • English & Phonics
  • Math & Logic
  • Science
  • History
  • Mapwork
  • Simple poetry memorization
  • Literature and music
This open-and-go curriculum is designed with the young child in mind, and features gentle pacing, colorful images, opportunities for repetition and review, and simple yet informative lessons that connect each lesson to their daily life and the life of Jesus.