Cover of Progress in Mathematics Teacher Edition Grade 1. Enrich your teaching experience of Kolbe’s classical Math 1 course.

Progress in Mathematics Teacher Edition Grade 1

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Support your 1st grade homeschool math instruction with the Progress in Mathematics Teacher Edition Grade 1. This optional book provides extra resources to supplement your teaching skills and Kolbe’s course plan such as:

  • Enrichment activity ideas and instructions
  • Extra examples and explanations for lessons
  • Pacing and intervention suggestions for struggling or advanced students
  • Troubleshooting for common misconceptions or mistakes students may make
  • Diagnostic assessments that can be used to assess student readiness or current knowledge level

Course this book is used in:

  • Math 1: Sadlier:
    • Homeschool- Option 1, Optional

This book is not required to teach Kolbe’s Math 1 course well. However, some parents may enjoy the benefits listed above to supplement the course plan and their own instructional skills. 

Course information:

Introduce your 1st-grade homeschooled child to formal math education with Kolbe Academy’s engaging and classically oriented Math 1 (Sadlier) course. Created to build a solid foundation of early math fundamentals (such as number sense, simple operations, logical thinking), this course will propel your child into a traditional math education focused on developing independent critical thinking skills, math literacy, understanding of foundational math concepts, and instilling self-confidence in your child as they learn and grow. When this course has been completed, your 1st-grade student will be ready to take on Math 2. The Math 1 course covers:


  • Number sense and place values
  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • Basic money knowledge
  • Telling and understanding time
  • Simple fractions and probability
  • Measurement
  • Basic data and graphing skills
  • Simple geometry and spatial awareness tasks