Foerster's Algebra 1 Home Study Companion with Solutions- Digital Delivery

Foerster's Algebra 1 Home Study Companion with Solutions- Digital Delivery

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Supplement your teaching experience with these video demonstrations recorded by David Chandler that follow along with the lessons in Foerster’s Algebra 1 Student Textbook. Chandler screen records a digital whiteboard and demonstrates problems while instructing on them in a video style similar to Khan Academy videos. hese lessons serve as a replacement for the classroom presentation portion of the course for homeschoolers.

Produced by David Chandler, Math Without Borders, the videos follow the structure and sequence of Kolbe’s Algebra 1 course and are perfect for supporting your own instruction method and gaining a new perspective on how a problem can be solved. Digital access to this course includes:

  • Video demonstrations for each lesson of the textbook for the course
  • Worked out problem solutions for most even numbered problems in each lesson


Strongly Recommended: While not required for Algebra 1 course completion, parents may wish to have access to the recorded problem demonstrations as a supplement to the textbook and solutions manual.

Courses this item is used in:

  • Algebra 1 & Honors Algebra 1: Foerster:
    • Homeschool - Optional
    • Digital Homeschool - Optional

Algebra 1 Course Information:

Prepare your child for success in higher level math courses, standardized tests, and real-world scenarios with Kolbe’s thorough and comprehensive Algebra 1 course. The course covers review material in the first couple of textbook chapters to tighten up any knowledge gaps and shake off mental rust before moving on to the meat of the course. Everything your 8th or 9th grader needs to know to advance into Algebra 2 will be covered with rigorous and appropriately challenging lessons that instill critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic. It is Kolbe Academy’s belief that by taking this course, your child’s proficiency in math will flourish and they will be prepared to take on the next level of their education with confidence and a solid understanding of algebra. This course covers:

  • Review of prerequisite material
  • Fundamentals of algebra
  • Operations
  • Quadratic equations
  • Polynomial relations and comparisons
  • Linear functions
  • Inequalities