Cover of Kolbe Homeschool’s Course Plan & Tests – Singapore Math 1. Implement a classical 1st grade math curriculum at home.
Course Plan & Tests - Singapore Math 1

Course Plan & Tests - Singapore Math 1

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Expertly schedule Kolbe’s Math 1 course stress-free as a home educator. This course plan lays out a suggested course pace, including adjusting the pace to suit your child’s needs. Assignment suggestions as well as optional enrichment activities and assignment ideas are provided to ensure a well-rounded and engaging experience as your child develops foundational math and problem-solving skills. Relevant notes concerning lesson topics or course instructions are provided when necessary to support and help shape your instruction. Tests and test answer keys are included at the back of the course plan.

Kolbe Academy's homeschool Math 1 (Singapore) course aims to introduce students to mathematics fundamentals and begin developing independent problem-solving skills. Singapore math emphasizes real-world examples and learning before moving slowly into more abstract conceptual applications in a “Concrete à Pictorial à Abstract” teaching model. In addition to this, it implements a scaffolding learning approach where the student is provided with models that are faded as they become comfortable with the contents of the lesson. Developing essential logic and reasoning skills necessary for future educational endeavors and lifelong learning is one of the main tenets of Singapore math and a special passion of Kolbe Academy. In this course, your student will learn:

  • Numbers and number order
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Number position
  • Shapes and spatial awareness
  • Measurement
  •  Comparatives
  • Simple graphs
  • Multiplication
  • Time concepts
  • Simple money concepts
  • Critical and ordered thinking strategies

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