Cover of Kolbe Catholic Homeschool’s Algebra 1 course plan. Plan the pace and scope of your child’s Algebra 1 education.
Course Plan & Tests - Foerster's Algebra 1

Course Plan & Tests - Foerster's Algebra 1

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Stay on track with Kolbe Academy’s Course Plan & Tests – Foerster’s Algebra 1. This comprehensive course plan lays out an ideal structure and path for timely course completion as well as assignments, quizzes, and tests. Notes are included on some lessons that provide background, short descriptions of goals or content, and even pacing ideas for struggling or advanced students. The chapter and semester tests are included as well as the answer keys. 

Prepare your child for success in higher-level math courses, standardized tests, and real-world scenarios with Kolbe’s thorough and comprehensive Algebra 1 course. The course covers review material in the first couple of textbook chapters to tighten up any knowledge gaps and shake off mental rust before moving on to the meat of the course. Everything your 8th or 9th grader needs to know to advance into Algebra 2 will be covered with rigorous and appropriately challenging lessons that instill critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic. It is Kolbe Academy’s belief that by taking this course, your child’s proficiency in math will flourish and they will be prepared to take on the next level of their education with confidence and a solid understanding of algebra. This course covers: 

  • Review of prerequisite material 
  • Fundamentals of algebra 
  • Operations 
  • Quadratic equations 
  • Polynomial relations and comparisons 
  • Linear functions 
  • Inequalities 
A digital copy of the course plan is provided in the Kolbe Portal for enrolled students registered in Algebra 1. It is not necessary to purchase a digital copy of the course plan.

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