Cover of Course Plan & Tests – Music History. Execute an engaging music history course for classically educated homeschool high schoolers.
Course Plan & Tests - Music History

Course Plan & Tests - Music History

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Give your high school child a rich and complete Music History course with Kolbe Academy’s thorough course plan. Designed to simplify your teaching experience, this course plan contains weekly lesson plans and instructions for how classroom portions can be conducted to achieve student learning outcomes and ensure timely course completion. Supplemental materials that can be incorporated to add more depth to the course are detailed at the beginning of the course plan, offering a multitude of extra opportunities for students to engage with the material. Answer keys for the unit quizzes as well as exams and their answer keys are included for your convenience at the back of the course plan.

Delve into Western music throughout the Common Practice Era, a span of three hundred years from the late Renaissance to the eve of World War I. This course examines music alongside cultural trends and historical events, including wars and significant dynasties that shaped popular music of the time. Students will encounter a multitude of musical and artistic figures, as well as terminology and key artistic movements. A diverse range of musical compositions reflecting major styles from the Common Practice Era will be explored. The course also investigates how influences such as art, culture, politics, and technology shaped Western Art Music. By the conclusion, students will be proficient in utilizing terms like form, opera, Romanticism, Impressionism, and more. As part of Kolbe’s classical education approach and a commitment to forming and educating whole people, students will master musical terms and learn to recognize different historical styles that complement the knowledge being learned in literature and history courses of Kolbe Academy’s classical Catholic curriculum.Top of Form

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