Course Plan & Tests - Jacobs Geometry
Cover of Course Plan & Tests – Jacobs Geometry. Efficiently schedule and organize Kolbe Homeschool’s Geometry course.

Course Plan & Tests - Jacobs Geometry

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Kolbe’s homeschool Geometry course plan and tests support the homeschooling parent using Jacobs Geometry. The carefully planned lessons will help keep school year on track. The course plans include assignments, tests, and enrichment material. Student learning outcomes are listed for each lesson as well as any relevant notes for the material covered or work to be completed.

  • Conveniently organized week-by-week
  • Assignment and test suggestions for a rigorous and appropriately challenging math course
  • Ideas for optional assignments, extra credit, or optional enrichment opportunities included as relevant
  • Necessary tests and answer keys for tests

Continue to give your homeschooled student a high-quality math education with Kolbe’s homeschool math Geometry course. The pace, structure, and texts selected for this course present and teach geometry in a traditional method, where logical thinking is employed to solve problems systematically with a procedure. Explicit instruction and repetition contribute as well to make a classically rigorous course that will prepare your child to take the math sections on standardized tests and to take higher-level math. With a prerequisite of completing Algebra 1, your student should be ready to move into even more abstract concepts and readily apply knowledge previously learned to the new information presented in this course. While taking this course, students are encouraged to work through the algebraic concept reviews included in the text used for this course. This course covers:

  • Conditional statements
  • Direct and indirect proofs
  • The Concurrence Theorems
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Lines, parallel lines, angles, area
  • Congruence
  • Similarity
  • Inequalities
  • Quadrilaterals, circles, right triangles
  • Regular polygons
  • Transformations

Instructions for both the standard core course and for Honors. A digital copy of the course plan is provided with course enrollment and course registration, so no additional purchase is required for enrolled families. 

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