Bien Dit! French I Textbook

Bien Dit! Level I Textbook

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Courses this book is used in:

  • French 1:
    • Homeschool
    • Online
    • Self-Paced

Bien dit!, a program with real-world photos, on-location video, animated grammar, and solid pedagogy is an exciting, motivational, and effective French series that will appeal to all types of learners and keep them coming back for more. Based on the five C's (Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communities), this program has an easy-to-use format that allows students to achieve success. (Description is adapted from content on page T6 of Bien dit! 1 teacher's edition.)

Student Online Access is included with the purchase of this text and provides access to the following resources:

  • Interactive digital edition of the student text
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Auto-graded textbook exercises
  • Workbook exercises
  • Kolbe's French 1 Online Resources User's Manual,

For answer keys to the text and workbook, register for Parent/Instructor Online Access for French 1. Registration instructions for the Parent/Instructor Online Access will be sent by e-mail upon the student's enrollment in French 1. For Self-Paced courses, instructions will be provided in the parent group resources for the course. Online access included