• Holt, Reinhart and Winston 2007
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    These four short courses present an exciting middle school course in Life Science which includes the following topics: cells, heredity, classification, microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals, and environmental science. Microorganisms, Fungi, and Plant & (Short Course A) is covered in first quarter, Animals (Short Course B) is covered in second quarter, Cells, Heredity and Classification (Short Course C) is covered in third quarter, and Environmental Science (Short Course E) is covered in fourth quarter. A Kolbe Academy answer key for all four short courses is available which answers any questions as assigned within the scope of our Life Science course plan.

    • T4825A: Life Science Short Course A--Microorganisms, Fungi, & Plants
    • T4825B: Life Science Short Course B--Animals
    • T4825D: Life Science Short Course D--Environmental Science
    • T4825: Life Science Answer Key