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    Reprint of Benziger's famous Old and New Testament Bible History. Study Questions for each chapter. This book will give the student an excelllent basic understanding of Bible history that will remain with him always.

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      Based upon the traditional teaching of the Church, this book fills a great need for the interested reader by providing a Catholic roadmap to God's Inspired Word.

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        The doctrine and history of the seven Sacraments. Also covers Indulgences and Sacramentals. Will deepen understanding of these seven lifelines of grace and salvation.

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          One of the best apologetics books we have ever seen. Covers the nature of our knowledge, justifications for our belief, proofs for the existence of God, immortality of the soul, proofs of Revelation, reasonableness of our belief in the Church, primacy of the Pope, etc. Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlon S.T.D., Imprimatur: Patrick Cardinal Hayes

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            A brief but complete book on traditional Catholic morality. Covers every basic aspects of the purpose of life, free will, the Natural Law, positive divine law, human positive laws, elements of a moral act, virtues, etc.

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              To remain indifferent to good fortune or to adversity by accepting it all from the hand of God without questioning, not to ask for things to be done as we would like them but as God wishes, to make the intention of all our prayers that God's will should be perfectly accomplished in ourselves and in all creatures is to find the secret of happiness and content.

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                "What if nothing happens on the 13th? Aren't you afraid people will laugh at you?" asked the parish priest as he looked closely at 10-year-old Lucia. "Oh no, Father!" replied Lucia. "I know something wonderful is going to happen on the 13th. The Lady told us so." This book tells what happened and gives the wonderful story of Our Lady's appearances to little Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. Impr. 162 pgs 15 Illus, PB

                THE LITTLE FLOWER
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                  The story of St. Therese, for children 10 and up, and of her "Little Way of Spiritual Childhood," whereby she would say "yes" to whatever Our Lord asked of her, and how she thereby became a great Saint. Impr. 167 pgs 24 Illus, PB

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                    The Story of Blessed Imelda LambertiniGifts were piled high for 5-year-old Imelda's birthday. Imelda was delighted, but still she asked, "I was wondering if I could have just one more present." "Greedy girl!" laughed her father. Unfortunately, her parents could not give her this one present--Our Lord in Holy Communion. But Imelda decided to ask Our Lord Himself. What would He reply? This book gives the answer and tells how little Imelda came to be the Patroness of First Communicants. ...

                    SAINT MARTIN DE PORRES
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                      The story for youth of St. Martin de Porres, who helped heal people, spoke to the animals and worked many unusual miracles. A fantastic story of a South American saint, whose example in helping others is truly inspiring. Impr. 122 pgs 16 Illusustrations.

                      SAINT ROSE OF LIMA
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                        The story for children and youth of St. Rose of Lima, who became a hermit in her own home--rather than go to a convent--and how she became a great Saint. At her confirmation in 1597, she took the name of Rose, because, when an infant, her face had been seen transformed by a mystical rose. As a child she was remarkable for a great reverence, and pronounced love, for all things relating to God. Impr. 132 pgs 13 Illustrations, PB

                        BLESSED MARIE OF NEW FRANCE
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                          Blessed Marie Of New France: The Story of the First Missionary Sisters in Canada, Mary Fabyan Windeatt. "It's almost upon us!" yelled a frantic voice as the ship neared the iceberg. "God's Will be done," prayed Mother Marie. If God wanted her to drown in the icy Atlantic Ocean before ever reaching Canada, His Holy Will be done. Yet perhaps . . . This book tells what happened next, plus the many other adventures that met the Sisters who brought the Holy Catholic Faith to Canada. 152 Pp. PB....