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Mix & Match Drawing: A Step-By-Step Drawing Studio

Mix & Match Drawing: A Step-By-Step Drawing Studio

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Typical drawing books show how to draw something — a horse, for example, or maybe a car — in solitary splendor on a blank white page. But wouldn’t you rather learn how to draw a complete scene, so that the horse can be driving the car, down a freeway, next to the ocean? So much better! Cats in space, hippos in the lunchroom, pirates on the playground — we’ve got you covered. The book’s three sections are crammed with simple step-by-steps for drawing all kinds of Creatures & Characters, Objects, and Backgrounds. Hand pick your projects to combine the perfect elements for a conventional scene, or flip through the book at random to create complete craziness. Either way, you’ll draw a drawing that has never been drawn before. 

Ages 8 +

76 pages