Kinetics Principles Of Physics Digital Text

Kinetic Principles of Physics Digital Text

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Courses this book is used in:

  • Physics:
    • Homeschool
    • Online
    • Self-Paced
  • Honors Physics:
    • Homeschool
    • Self-Paced

    Features of this book are: extensive interactive simulations, problems, and animations built right into the material that the student will be studying. The digital text MUST be purchased for students to benefit from what Kolbe considers a homeschool friendly physics program. There is, however, a printed text that can be purchased as well as an added convenience. It is not recommended to purchase only the printed text.

    Solutions for problems as assigned within the scope of the Kolbe Academy course plans and all Virtual Lab analysis questions are available at no cost to fully enrolled families or to single course enrolled students. Please note that solutions will not be made available for any reason or under any circumstance to students who are not in some way enrolled with Kolbe.

    The Kinetic Books products carried by Kolbe allow each user to choose local access or online access for their digital texts. Access is good for one year from the date of activation. Once it has been activated, it cannot be returned to the book department.

    This digital textbook has been parsed into two courses of study in the Kolbe Academy Course Plan:

    Kolbe Core (K) course of study: The Kolbe Core (K) is conceptual in nature and is recommended to students who may not be interested in pursuing science in college, but who would like to include physics in their high school course of study. Although the course is conceptual in nature, it does include physics equations and some problem working.

    Topics include mechanics, mechanical waves, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and light and optics.

    PRE-REQUISITES: Algebra 1, Geometry, Intro to Physics and Chemistry.

    Kolbe Honors (H) course of study: The Honors (H) course of study is designed for students who may have an interest in science, math, or engineering or for students who might prefer a more mathematical approach to physics in their high school course of study. While it is a more rigorous course of study than the Kolbe Core (K) course of study, it does not require the use of Calculus to solve problems. This text is mentioned on the College Board website as appropriate for students preparing to take the AP Physics B exam and the Kolbe Honors (H) course of study adheres closely to the requirements for this exam.

    Topics include mechanics, mechanical waves, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, light and optics, and an introduction to modern physics.

    PRE-REQUISITES: Geometry, Algebra II, Intro to Physics and Chem, Chemistry. CO-REQUISITE: Trigonometry or PreCalculus.

    If you do not receive an email to request access for the Solution Manual by the time you receive your book order, please email Brigid Tebaldi at This product is available to current register families only.

    *** If you have problems downloading this book, please contact Perfection Learning directly at 800-831-4190 and select the technical support option. 

    System Requirements:

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