Course Plan & Tests - History 4: Stories of the Old World Welcome Packet

Course Plan & Tests - History 4: Stories of the Old World Welcome Packet

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This course plan and test packet gives the homeschool parent a step-by-step guide to walk their child through Kolbe Academy’s 4th grade History course, Stories of the Old World. The course plan offers parents:

  • Daily assignments to keep students learning at a steady pace.
  • Designed for the busy homeschool parent, this course requires minimal prep time and the course plan packet will give you peace of mind as you continue your homeschool journey.
  • Tips for including notetaking and recall practice each week.
  • Weekly grade books to help parents stay organized.
  • Three tests per quarter with teacher answer keys, to regularly assess student’s mastery of the material.

From ancient life in the Fertile Crescent to the stories of saints in the Middle Ages, Stories of the Old World uses storytelling to introduce students to the civilizations and events that shaped our world. Students will learn the history and geography of various civilizations and gain a thorough understanding of the people, places, and events that shaped the lives of key historical figures. Civilizations covered include:

  • Egypt and Israel
  • Persia and Babylon
  • Greece and Rome
  • Christendom and the Middle Ages
This course from Kolbe Academy can be seamlessly integrated into any 4th grade Catholic homeschool curriculum, as it focuses on geography, history, and civics while also highlighting God’s role in civilizations throughout history.